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What lies ahead for Spieth?

Thursday, January 24, 2019
Jordan Spieth

Former Reuters golf correspondent Tony Jimenez has asked Tony to assess Jordan Spieth's current form following the triple Major champion's slide to 20th in the world, his lowest ranking for five years.

"Clearly Jordan's putting is not what it was three or four years ago. Maybe he's lost a bit of confidence too but I'm bound to think he's trying to figure it all out. He's been right at the very top of our game before, he's won three Major championships and knows what it feels like to win at the highest level.

Sometimes, though, your priorities change, your private life changes, things change all around you and it's very difficult to maintain those giddy heights. One thing's for sure, it's a much harder task to stay at the top than it is trying to get there in the first place.

It all stems from an individual's inspiration, and where it comes from. It's easy when you're young, fresh into the game, and you want to show the world what you've got.

To win tournaments on a regular basis you need to be inspired. Jordan was inspired when he first came on tour. He won his Majors but it's not always easy to keep that sharp edge that's required.

Success can sometimes weigh heavy on your shoulders. He is desperately trying to find his magic again and I would hazard to suggest that the magic is inspiration.

To stay inspired you need to make sure you take time away from the game, make sure your schedule is right so that when you go back you are ready and hungry to play. Then you've got to like the golf course you're playing on. It's always good for a top player to start well, get up on the leaderboard nice and early to get engaged with the tournament.

That's always been the great thing about Tiger Woods. He's engaged in the game at a consistently higher level than anybody else. That is what has always set him apart from the rest.

Jordan has had his swing dissected by a lot of so-called experts and maybe he's started to dwell on that side of things. It's always a temptation when you are being criticised.

Hey, he might not ever get his A game back, he might slide off into oblivion. It's impossible to say. Golf is a challenging sport and there is always new blood coming in that wants to show off to the world. But from what I've seen of Jordan in the last five or six years, I'd back him to eventually get back to where he wants to be.

Turning to another issue, I just wanted to pass on my best wishes to Padraig Harrington now that he has been confirmed as Europe's Ryder Cup captain for the 2020 matches in Wisconsin.

I think he's more than capable of doing a good job. It's always more difficult playing away, with the home-team captain being able to set up the course the way he wants, but Whistling Straits should be a good venue for the European side. Most of the players will have played the course before.

I'm sure Padraig will deal well with the responsibility of being captain. Everyone seems to like him and there's no reason why he shouldn't do a terrific job. Let's hope he can go on and keep the trophy in European hands."