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Imperious DeChambeau

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Former Reuters golf correspondent Tony Jimenez spoke to Tony about Bryson DeChambeau's meteoric rise.

“I don't want to take anything away from world number one Justin Rose but this guy DeChambeau is really taking the golfing world by storm.

He is 'The Kid From Scienceville'. He's got such a unique, unconventional approach to all facets of the game and, boy, is it paying off for him.

Last season he won two FedExCup events and The Memorial and his seven-shot victory at the Dubai Desert Classic last week was also hugely impressive. This fellow is the real deal, for sure.

DeChambeau has burst on the scene with his scientific methods and is hardly ever out of the top 10. He's been outstanding in the last year or so.

He's simply extraordinary. He was in front after three rounds in Dubai but he was still complaining about not being completely happy with his game.

It was an incredibly dominant performance. He blew a good-quality field away. I'm fascinated by his left-field approach. Who would have thought of having the shaft of all your irons the same length?

The way he putts looks a bit ungainly too. I wonder how he can get the right feel or get such good distance control with everything sort of locked the way it is. There is hardly any break of the wrist when he's feeling for distance but it seems to work a treat for him.

This guy has thrown the coaching manual out of the window. It's all so off the wall but he keeps putting together these dominant displays. The whole package is truly unique.

There doesn't seem to be any chinks in his armour. He's a good chipper and doesn't seem to have the same sort of loose swing that some of the others do. It's a stiffer type of push, again there's little wrist action, but he doesn't suffer from a lack of length.

It will be interesting to see if he can keep it all going and climb to number one. I don't think there's any reason why he can't. He appears so consistent and so sure of himself even though he comes at things from a unique angle.

It's a golfer's strength of mind that allows him to win on a regular basis and he definitely seems to have that ingredient. He's got that Ben Hogan-type of singular approach. Hogan was his own man and DeChambeau is the same. It doesn't look like he cares what people say about him.

We've not seen the like for quite some time. He's a phenom in the making and I just hope other aspects of his game don't detract from his ability.

I know he takes a bit of time with his deliberations and calculations. He's constantly taking longer than 40 seconds to play a shot but I would hate to see him singled out for that.

Jack Nicklaus and Bernhard Langer weren't the quickest either but, like Jack, DeChambeau has got a process he wants to go through and it would be a shame if the authorities brought something into effect that might derail him. We don't want to overshadow his accomplishments.

Like I said earlier, though, I don't want to downgrade Rose's achievements. He's the current world number one and looked very comfortable with his game when he won at Torrey Pines last week.

He held it together despite making a few mistakes. It was outstanding stuff from him, another great performance, and he was totally in control.

Tiger Woods played nicely to finish tied 20th in his first appearance of the year. He had a strong, determined final round and his game looked in decent shape.

He's looking good. He's not going anywhere and I reckon he will again be a force to be reckoned with this season.”