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Kaymer Coming Back - US Open 2019

Tony spoke to former Reuters golf correspondent Tony Jimenez to look ahead to this week’s US Open at Pebble Beach: “I’ve always believed that one of the toughest issues an elite golfer has to deal with is the monotony of competition. Once you’ve done the rounds of the same schedule and the same tournaments for four or five years in a row, there’s an element of monotony that creeps in and it’s a big hurdle to overcome. We all get older and more set in our ways and how you deal with that is crucial in terms of trying to maintain high standards. Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have... Read more...

Bronte Law

Bronte’s Law

Tony spoke to former Reuters golf correspondent Tony Jimenez about Bronte Law’s maiden LPGA Tour victory last week: “I thoroughly enjoyed watching Bronte pick up her first win on the circuit on Sunday. I have to be honest and admit I’d never heard of her before but I was very impressed with her performance. I liked the way she went about things at the Pure Silk Championship. She appeared very business-like on the golf course, made up her mind about her shots and just went for it. It’s fantastic that England now has three world-class performers in the women’s game. Georgia Hall, of... Read more...


Looking Back at the US PGA Championship

“Take nothing away from Brooks Koepka. He’s a helluva player and gave a dominant performance at Bethpage, but last week was further proof of where the game has gone in terms of the advantage the muscle-men have now got. Taking into consideration the strong-arm tactics being used by the giants of the modern game, it leaves me wondering whether the great Gary Player would have won his nine Major championships if he was playing now. I’m often accused of sour grapes, of being some sort of golfing dinosaur, but I try to be objective with my observations and the fact of the matter is 90 per... Read more...

tiger wood

Tiger- the frontrunner

Tony spoke to former Reuters golf correspondent Tony Jimenez to look ahead to the second Major of the season: “Tiger Woods is my favourite for this week’s US PGA Championship at Bethpage Black. If he can pick up where he left off at the Masters last month, he’s the man to beat. Some people have suggested that he will be at a disadvantage because he hasn’t played competitively since Augusta but he is the ultimate professional and I believe that whatever he is doing, it is by design. You can rest assured that as far as he’s concerned, he’s doing the right thing. If he felt the best way... Read more...