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Tony Delights Fans and Pros Alike at The Open

The Open is always a busy time for Tony, and the 2017 edition has been no exception. He offered his commentary and insight on the event’s games, players and courses, all whilst promoting Scotch Whisky brand Glenmorangie as part of an ongoing partnership with the brand. As one of his generation’s most successful golf players, eight-time European Tour winner and World Golf Hall of Fame inductee since 2002, Tony Jacklin is the ambassador for the Scotch Whisky brand, Glenmorangie, who champion themselves as the ‘Spirit of The Open’. He has been Glenmorangie’s ambassador since 2012 and, with... Read more...


Tony Jacklin CBE Appears at Glenmorangie Media Day

Glenmorangie have recently hosted a media day, during which, they announced their ongoing sponsorship of the Open Championship. As an ambassador for the Glenmorangie brand and one of Britain’s most successful golfing stars, Tony Jacklin CBE was on-hand during the event to speak about the affinity between the championship and the Glenmorangie brand as well as some of his career highlights. Glenmorangie have proudly sponsored the Open, branding themselves the ‘Spirit of the Open’, for over six years and everyone within the company is looking forward to continuing the successful partnership.... Read more...

Tony becomes a Bentley Golf Icon

Tony is thrilled to announce that he has been named a Bentley Golf Icon. The luxury car brand has a collection of its own handcrafted and bespoke equipment, which includes everything from clubs, to balls and even a range of luggage.   A huge fan of the car brand for many years Tony is delighted to join forces with Bentley Golf. He said: “The clubs are beautifully forged and remain consistent with the Bentley brand that we have all come to love. They have given me a renewed love for the game.” As a former US and British open champion who also captained Europe four times in the... Read more...

The Tony Jacklin Partnership- official statement from Tony Jacklin CBE

I am very sorry to say that I am no longer associated with the Tony Jacklin Partnership. It has come to my attention that what I agreed to lend my name to is not fit for purpose and I would like to make it clear that I now have no involvement whatsoever with The Tony Jacklin Partnership. Those individuals responsible for this business venture led me to believe it would be operated with the highest levels of professionalism and service for its clients. I was extremely excited about the prospect of developing this business but it has now become apparent that those in charge have not... Read more...