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MarquetryA hugely creative and talented individual, Tony’s two creative outputs are course design and marquetry.

“As a school boy back in England, I was always a very keen woodworker, top of my class in fact. In 1957, I was introduced to marquetry, (inlaid work of variously coloured woods) and filled in the long winter nights making pictures from the various kits that were available at the time.

Tony Jacklin MarquetryThroughout my life, I came back from time to time to work on this art form. The critical time being on turning 50 in 1994 when I decided to play competitively on the Senior Golf Tour. I realized that there would be a tremendous amount of down time while travelling the world playing golf. Essentially you're in a different city every week to play just 3 or 4 rounds of golf with nothing to do the rest of the time (knowing that the devil finds work for idle hands). I set about travelling with all the things necessary to create pictures in my hotel rooms.

A lot of the subject matter is golf and the people who play, many who are my friends and people I have met through this great game.”

Elvis marquetry   Churchill marquetry   Frank Sinatra marquetry

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