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Tony Jacklin Par 3 Design

For many years now, Tony Jacklin CBE has been a keen advocate of the Par 3 format and sees in it an enormous potential to encourage more people to take up golf. Tony demonstrates his passion for Par 3 golf on an annual basis as host and ambassador for one of England’s largest golf tournament, the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship, a role he has fulfilled since 2008.
With his assistance the competition has gone from strength to strength and now serves as a great showcase for a format that allows players to test their short game and is inclusive of both the young and old, plus those without the time for a full 18 holes.
The success of the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship has fed Tony’s desire to apply his golf design talents to Par 3 golf and his team are able to craft some truly wonderful courses for more of us to enjoy.
Tony Jacklin Course Design is unique. Tony is directly involved in the entire process, from the over-arching design philosophy to the finished project, and will commit to the long-term adding his weight to marketing efforts and always there to consult or advise, should you require it. His team fully understand the nuances of golf from a player’s perspective and create courses that challenge golfers of every ability.
They have an enviable, global track record and reputation, having worked on innovative and imaginative projects in the UK, China, Cyprus, the US, Spain, Turkey and Morocco.

Par 3 Talk With Tony

“I’ve got a really good feeling about Par 3 golf. I honestly think it is set to be the next big thing in the game for a number of reasons. People seem to have less time these days and Par 3 offers them a quicker golf hit – instant gratification, if you like. The long game disadvantages the young and the old as they don’t perhaps have the power it requires. On the other hand, Par 3 accommodates everybody and it’s a great alternative for seniors.”
“You’re still playing, still doing the fiddly bits around the greens. Par 3 golf has traditionally been looked down upon and as a result many of the courses get tired and neglected pretty quickly. Hopefully that trend will be reversed and I think events like the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship play an important role in that process.”
“I really believe Par 3 golf is the future. All that’s missing from the game is the long drive which many older players are simply unable to make any more. The test of the short game is still there and more and more professionals are seeing the benefits of the shortened version of the sport.”