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Jacklin Design Courses

Tony at the Golf CourseJacklin Design Courses are designed according to the core design principles as laid out by Tony Jacklin CBE, a world renowned golfing champion who has designed some world-renowned courses across the globe.

Great course design encompasses passion, invention and adventure - The passion to create something that brings both intrigue and joy to the player, as well as the innovation and vision in the many subtle details that take the player on a unique journey – and the untold emotional and physical adventure that unfolds with every new game.

Tony Jacklin is not only a legendary player on the course, but he’s also an extremely talented designer, artist and craftsman off it - able to create hundreds of acres of beautifully crafted natural landscape, together with his vastly experienced and trusted team, which includes resident Senior Design Associate, Troy Vincent.

‘It’s not always size that counts, in terms of the length of a course. Golf is unique in that the playing field changes in each case. It’s about the strategy and design, about using space in a clever and confident way. It’s our job to educate our clients as to the advantages and disadvantages of the size of course needed.’

Troy Vincent, Senior Design Associate

This is where the Jacklin Design Group is truly unique. Tony has a constant influence throughout the entire end-to-end design process, from the first pencil line, right through construction and where required, including the additional long-term advisory roles, consultancy and marketing of the course, including press, VIP, membership, PR and launch events.

Golf CourseSo what you get is a course that is designed by a team that fully understands all the skills, nuances and intricacies of the game’s strategy, as well as the emotion and passion of playing the game at the very highest level, with the imagination, craft and ingenuity to create courses that suit players of every ability.

Jacklin Design Group has an international track record, working on contracts in China and Cyprus, with course developments in the USA, Spain, Turkey and Morocco.

For more information call on +44 1509 85 29 27