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Course Branding

Golf Course

Jacklin By Design courses reflect the experience and understanding of the skilled Jacklin team that have sculpted them. They have ‘personality’ and it’s personality that needs to be projected when your course opens its doors to the wider world. Not only your logo, but the artistry of communication across all media is essential to the success of your course. This is your brand, your standing in the world of golf.

A successful brand is everything that encompasses the ethos, personality and positioning of the course. It’s the process of definition, and definition combined with personality is what the Jacklin by Design courses deliver.

Jacklin Design understands the importance of brand development during the creation of a new course, or a redesign, as well as all aspects of legacy work to ensure the long-term future of the course’s media relations. These include the provision of long-term advisory roles, consultancy and profiling of the course, including press, VIP, membership, PR and launch events.

‘As a family business we understand the value of good communication at every stage of the project - before, during and after construction.’

Astrid Jacklin, Director and CFO

For more information call on +44 1509 85 29 27